green marble wall

Building Construction Project

Every year, every month , every day , there are various construction project allover the world, most project are including outdoor project and inner project. Natural stone( granite ,marble , travertino,onyx ,sandstone ,slate etc.) are major building material .

Project need

Most project , both commercial project and residential project request products as stairs, floor tiles, wall tiles , ceiling tiles , kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity , outdoor paving , landscape stone etc. Granite and marble are the popular buliding project.


Why Choose us?

We are the quarry owner and direct factory since 1992, directly supply you all kinds of decorative and constructional materials. We are your One stop shopping of building and decorative material from China, and we can be your Project Planning Assistance, Free Consultation, Free Initial Estimate, You can discuss your ideas with us at any time. However, our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you pick the right stone and accessories for your project.

Work for Commercial project and Residencial project

Commercial project as bank , hotel , hospital etc. building and remoulding project , which request large quantity natural stone such as granite and marble . ZL stone group have rich experience in supply floor tiles, wall tiles , outdoor paving , wall cladding , stairs and risers , wall skirting , ceiling tiles etc. for various commercial project .

Moreover , we have rich experience in working with designers, contractors , building material shops . You just tell us where natural stone will be used and colors you are interested , our professional team will be able to like to recommend you suitable material , and we can calculate cost for you according to project request.